Thursday, November 26, 2015

the struggle

No, this is not about me trying to move on again. 

"You are already the 7th of 8 engineer as you are in your final semester now. We need to equip you with a good presentation skill. The struggle is so real, huh?" -Lecturer, 2015.
Nah, presentation (or talking in front of crowds) isn't really my thing. Tapiiiiiii, no matter how I wanted to avoid it, to finish this engineering thing I will have do this thing (at least for my FYP). Ha ha. 

The struggle is real huh? I only have 10 credit hours of subjects this semester (plus FYP and lab), but the projects and workloads are piling up macam tak ada hari esok. Dah kalau semalam pun aku tak reti nak gunakan masa sebaiknya, janganlah complain kerja banyak ke apa *cough*.

Semoga zuhaida berjaya menghabiskan this last semester dengan jayanya dan grad dengan gaya. Ha ha. Kata nak bergambar convocation rare dan viral? Ehhh? 

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syakirah izwanie said...

Chaiyok kak. All the best for all of your upcoming presentation :)