Saturday, November 7, 2015

doing fine

This Isabella by Amy Search & Joe Flizzow song has been on repeat since 12.30 am, when I should be studying because I got midterm examination and quiz coming up next monday and wednesday. Gosh, I know.

I am doing fine I guess. 

Someone (my best guy friend) asked me "luka haritu dah baik betul-betul ke belum" made me think like thousand time "which luka was he talking about". I even scrolled our whatsapp conversation to see if I ever told him about any. But then I realized that he was asking about 'that luka'. Nampak macam dah move on kan sebab sampai dah lupa luka mana satu sampaikan teringat "did he actually mean any physical wound" sebab I told almost everything. Dari benda pasal belajar, vacation, family, friends to any random thing, and he does the same. Tapi sebenarnya aku belum move on sepenuhnya. Entahla kenapa susah sangat, selalu rasa ada something yang belum kesampaian which I don't know what the hell is that. 


Family and friends have been really helpful. Thank you for that. 

Oh, and I am officially 23 on 18th October. I wish for nothing but to finish this degree on time so that I can hand the scroll over to my parents, to be an engineer and to be a good daughter. Amin.

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