Wednesday, February 11, 2015


You don't do something with the intention just to get someone else's appreciation. You simply don't. What is the point of doing something nice though and telling people about it. And you said "I didn't hope for anything bla bla bla in return" that you actually meant that someone should at least give you some appreciation or you must be acknowledged for that. Should he/she says that he/she is proud of your good deeds too?

Pathetic yet annoying. 

You are so jobless that you live everyday to give someone else lectures on everything that you seems to know about. You are the only one that is right about everything. Pffttt. Please grow up and get a life. Oh, you are so old that you don't have to grow up anymore. You forget something that is called respect. 

Don't expect me to be polite to you next time we meet. I have already lost that little respect towards you. 

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