Sunday, May 1, 2016

current situation

Assalamualaikum. And hi everyone. 

It has been like 5 months since the last update. And it was last year ha ha ha. Been busy doing life, I guess. So, I finished my FYP and degree. I am unofficially graduated. Alhamdulillah. Well it is unofficial since we didn't get the scroll yet. No convocation ceremony yet. But I am done. Yeah walaupun dah 5 bulan since I submitted the thesis kan (tangan di dada mata ke atas). 

I finished my degree. Some of my friends are pursuing to master. Some secured their job already. Alhamdulillah. I started working at a company located in Negeri Sembilan. So jodoh kuat dengan Negeri Sembilan, I said to one of my friends. I achieved my dream to be an engineer (I guess). Being an engineer is always one of my passions. But as I see, the reality is not that simple as we said "I want to be an engineer soon after I graduate". The price that we have to pay, the sacrifice that we have to make. Okay, I know I am exaggerating. Tapi betullah. Tak ada life tu betul. Tak ada masa untuk diri sendiri tu juga betul. Ha ha ha. I can feel it already tho it is not yet even one month.

But the experience as I said earlier about internship, is priceless. I met different types of people. Meeting new people has always been exciting for me tho I am bit shy shy cat. Ha ha ha. I learned how to handle people, how to manage time. Self-trust is so important by always saying to yourself that you can. And most importantly, the art of being patient (as I named it) is so so needed. 

 Alhamdulillah for this chance of gaining new experiences. 

Okay I am signing off. By the way, I miss you blog :)

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